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Syndicate: 4 december: on networks and intimacy

Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 15:40:21 +0100
From: Irma Brevink <>
Subject: nettime-nl: 4 december: over netwerk en intimiteit

Location De Veemvloer, Van Diemenstraat 410, 1013 CR Amsterdam

We all know the thrill of storytelling by children staying up in the dark.
Telling stories to roommates, brothers, sisters and guests, who in turn can
interfere in the reality of the story,. By interrupting, adding their own
story or simply by telling an even better story. So what happens if you
open the bedroom door and people can listen in on your stories? What
happens to the intimacy of your stories if the whole world is able to
listen in?

The installation build by Desk makes you both a voyeur listening in, and a
guest virtually staying over at our place. It's an intriguing visual game
taking place at the Veemvloer on the Van Diemenstraat in Amsterdam.
Actors tell each other bedtime-stories. Listeners can 'stay over' and
participate in the stories. Fairy Tales becoming interactive through the
visitors, as well as through the audience on the Internet. They can break
in to the emerging stories, using Internet 'chat' technology.

The stories will be brought live to the living-room through Internet radio,
and the presence of the virtual visitors brought back to the installation.
Moderator Willem de Ridder will co-ordinate the story. We invite you to
take part, either as a part of the living installation, or by co-operating
through the Internet.

More information on the virtual part of this installation can be found at: and

Automobiel 3. An Artproject at the Veemvloer.
Friday, November 27th, 20.00 h.
Tijs Goldschmidt and Giny Vos about Victorialake.
Friday, December 4th, 20.00 h.
Ben Schouten: Intimacy and Internet.
Friday, December 11th, 20.00 h.
Christoph Fink, Bart Lodewijks and Gerard Hulsenbeck about Travelling.
Saturday, December 19th, starting 10.00 h.
Public Safari with Hans Venhuizen.

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