Joel S Bachar on Fri, 4 Dec 1998 14:34:33 -0800 (PST)

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Syndicate: Independent Exposure Call for Works

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Blackchair Productions? ?Independent Exposure 1999? Program

Seattle video and film artist, Joel S. Bachar founded Blackchair Productions in 1992.  Due 
to the overwhelming lack of independent-oriented screening venues, Blackchair Productions began 
the ?Independent Exposure? microcinema screening program in 1996.  This program, held every 
month at the Speakeasy Cafe has presented the works of over 200 artists from 30 states, 65 cities 
and 11 countries and has gained an enviable reputation in the network of microcinemas around 
the country as well as around the world. 1999,  the fourth season of the program, will be partially 
funded by the King County Cultural Arts Commission which means the artists whose works are 
shown will be paid an honorarium, a gesture that is practically unheard of in the independent film 
and video arts.  ?Independent Exposure? is fast reaching a wider audience by being hosted at 
other microcinemas throughout the world and has been seen hundreds of times in 35 cities, 15 
states and 13 countries!  
Some of the hosting venues have been:
CinemaTexas (Austin, TX); The Knitting Factory (New York City);  The Mansion Theatre (Baltimore, 
MD);  Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, AZ); Blue Sky International Film Festival (Las 
Vegas, NV); Artist?s Television Access (San Francisco, CA); Project304 (Bangkok, Thailand); The 
Terminal Bar (Prague, Czech Republic); Prague Indies Fest (Czech Republic); Volcano Film and 
Video Festival (London, UK); the Vrij Media Cafe (The Netherlands) and The Soros Center for 
Contemporary Art (Republic of Macedonia); Videomedeja Festival (Novi Sad, Croatia).  
Arrangements are currently being made for screenings in Los Angeles, Melbourne (Australia), 
France, Germany and Northern Ireland.  Additionally, the program is netcast every month on 
The Sync (
Ultimately, Blackchair Productions, through their ?Independent Exposure? screening 
program and other advocacy efforts, hope to expose, promote and distribute the independent 
video and film arts to the widest audience possible.

For those interested, here is our 1999 Call for Works (which differs from previous years):

Blackchair Productions is accepting video, film and computer-art submissions on an ongoing basis 
for their monthly screening program called ?Independent Exposure.?  1999 begins the program?s 
fourth year and we want to include you in the show!  Artists will be paid an Honorarium!  We are 
looking for experimental, narrative, humorous, dramatic, erotic, subversive, animation and 
underground works, but will review anything for a possible screening.  Works selected will, in most 
cases, continue on to national and international venues for additional screenings. Submit a VHS 
(or S-VHS) clearly labeled with name, title, length, phone-number along with any support materials 
including photos!  Also include a US$5.00 entry fee which will be returned to you if your work is 
not selected! Include an SASE if you wish the work(s) returned. We will get back to you!
Send submissions to: Blackchair Productions, 2318 Second Ave., #313-A, Seattle, WA, 98121, 
USA.  Info/details: 206-568-6051,,