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On the Third International Video Summit "VIDEOMEDEJA", which was held in
Novi Sad from December 4th to 6th, 1998, forty one video works,
installations and performances of the women artists from 18 different
countries were shown. The jury, composed of Mrs Jasna Rajic, critic, Ms Mare
Tralla, artist, Mr Aleksandar Davic, director and Mr Balint Szombathy,
artist and critic, the head of the jury, after having seen the competing
works awarded
following rewards:

1. "Bogdanka Poznanovic" Award for the best young artist went to Ksenija
Kovacevic for her video work  "BRANCUSI'S  FLIGHT"
2. The diploma "Video Medeja" were awarded to:
- Renata Poljak for her video work "I, THE HOUSEWIFE"
- Sanja Perisic for the artistic performance "I AM ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT"
and video installation "MEMORIES"
- Janene Higgins for her video work "WE HATE YOU LITTLE BOY"
3. The "Sphinx" Award for the whole opus went to Nina Czegledy, author
of the work "TRIPTYCH"

in Novi Sad, December 6th,1998