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Syndicate: all ears

Saturday december 19, opening of:

All Ears
12 international sound installations at Färgfabriken, Stockholm
a CD and a web-site

arranged by Leif Elggren, CM von Hausswolff, Kent Tankred, Ulf Stenberg
and Färgfabriken

Malcolm Tambo (South Africa), Tiina Aste (Estonia), Marika Piiri
(Estonia), Lorenzo Kolosimo (Italy), Robert Levin (England), Yakichi
Nukarya (Japan), Michael Fry (USA), Scott Andersson (USA), Rudolf Krauss
(Germany), Curt Sachs (Germany), Johannes Brandt (Greenland), Philippe
Hausmann (France)

CD with new compositions that can be ordered through Färgfabriken (USD

All Ears web-site, opening december 19:

parallel exhibition in the project rooms

Three Orchestras
by Jan Cardell
(self playing computor driven orchestras)