scca on Mon, 21 Dec 1998 12:25:59 +0100

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Syndicate: Sarajevo party

Dear all,

as Andreas already told you, we are opening our multimedia lab called
"" here in Sarajevo on the weekend of 30. and 31. January. We
would like to invite you all to come, have fun and meet. will be
the first multimedia lab in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will be placed at
the Academy of Fine Arts and thus provide the students interested in
multimedia for courses, as well as resources for their own projects. At
the same time will develop its own production. It will in fact be
the continuation of what we have already started (our little video
production). We will try in the course of next year to organise
workshops and lectures in the new media theory. We think it would be
very good and useful to have you here for the opening for the purpose of
establishing the future contacts and possible lectures and collaboration
in general.


Enes Zlatar
p.s. happy Ramadan, Christmas and New Year