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Syndicate: desp.tly seeking 4 Edit Adras

happy new life 2 everyone on the list

i would like  to ask your help (of syndicate list) please

not so long ago there was an article posted on this list (posted by
shedhalle@access.ch  ) written by Edit Andras from Hungary ...I think.

the title was
'Subject: Syndicate: Edit Andras about exclusion and inclusion
in the art world'

i have tried to contact Edit Andras at shedhalle@access.ch  (this was the
addr. where the articl. was posted from) but i did not get answer till now.

i ask your (synicate list) kind help:

i am desperately seeking for Edit Andras,

I guess, she is from Hungary. Please, if somebody on this list could help me
2 find her, please help me  2
find her.

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