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Syndicate: kostya miTenev: nexa

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 03:22:10 +0100
From: "kostya miTenev" <>
Subject: nexa

This year due to the international workshops POLAR CIRCLE 2, I managed to
realize the second version of Positive Models of St. Petersburg's Future.
Together with this project the covering not only regional context occurred
changes in electronic art, but, on my sight investigating of art - situation
in Europe was born conception of the Next Media in general.
I had an opportunity to present Positive Models on 5 forums:CYBERFEMINISô's
Conference(EAST-EAST),SPb,Russia; SEAFAIR98/Scopje, Macedonia; OFFLine -
Tallinn, Estonia; AVATARS98, Helsinki, Finland; EU, Riga, Latvia.
Some words about my impressions about all the forums.

Here wasn't a political dicurse in Cyberfeminist's presentations. And here
very political talks in Feminist's own

Soft tournament between school of New Media and "certain" by others.
Irony of the theorists New Media < Lev Manovich, Timothy Druckrey, Mark Dery >
and new "serious" VRML < VAN GOGH TV, Demeduzator, Next Future >

OFFLine- ONLine:
Presentation of a collection video and net-multimedia. Occurrence of new
generation video-j., F5/DMD, Riga. And weak Internet access, revealed the
contradictions between New Media of Estonia < Raivo Kelomees, Tiia Johannson >
and academic walls of Tallinn. In my opinion, New Media of Estonia require own
walls and an art-server.

AVATARS98,, Andy Best and Marja Puustinen:
Magnificent net-forum and workshop with avatars
In their network representation.

EU < Exchange Unlimited >:
Powerful a digital  wave of Media of Riga,
net-broadcasting, serious workshop and work of digital frontiers.
Raitis Smits and Rasa Smits - 2 engines of digital ideas.
On the eve of my trip on Baltic's forums I had an opportunity to meet and
to speak with Vuk Cosic in St. Petersburg, during his performance in local
Soros foundation.
By result of my work during one year also was the project NEXT MEDIA:
next media.
We are living in an age of developed brouser.
So here is a change of media-art navigation now.
Occurrence of the next generation of media promoted some circumstances:
1. occurrence of a universal browser allowing to read VRML
2.occurrence Plug-In RealAudio, allowing to receive a video- and audio-
information immediately from an air
3.necessity to represent web-art < copyright, promotion, reg.of domain etc >
4. "interactivation" of mass - media, refusal from political squabbles and
disappearance of necessity of "struggle for an air " in general
5. occurrence of �biopolicy¨(�biopolitics¨) - common "avatarisation" of a
The fruitful idea of oppositions New Media - Next Media is not represented
to me.
New Media investigates interface in detales, date- base and language of the
machine < Lev Manovich > And creates classical samples of the net-art:
net-projects of JODI, "Agata" by Olga Lialina, "Form" by A.Shulgin,
Projects of
Knobotic Research.
But navigation of the interface: man - machine was set in the party of a Body
and the biopolitical discurse began to prevail in it :
>From Digital Cities to Digital Body
>From a Citizen of the World to a Citizen of the Net
>From an unindetificative Maker(JODI) to a representative - communicative
To aesthetics of radical technofils (fidors, hackers, cyberpunk) the
has appeared: an aesthetics of bio-modeling (cyberfeminists,nexa,
technoid(Moscow's media) - bioloid(SPb's media)
Multimedia of net-art - Net-broadcasting(E-Lab,CSS-Radio)
I can agree with the application of Vuk Cosic: "Net-art is Dead". Really those
theses, which at the end of 70 was put forward by the ingenious founder
Ted Nelsen, namely:
1.the information should be open isn't other author in a network except for the network itself
3.everything links with everythig
this is exhausted today.
Henceforth as precisely Donna Haraway notices: "A reality has an author"

Now forces of Bionet Gallery are an opportunity to begin creation of the
VRML of the project Next Media: Positive Model Of Future.
If is any remarks or offer about colaboration in the project, ask you to send
messages on
mitenev kostja / Bionet Gallery / UNDINA

an user welcome
to the best future now!