Adele Eisenstein on Wed, 3 Mar 1999 14:25:26 +0100

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Syndicate: trains from Budapest-Beograd

[and now for some travel news for your special Syndicate spring-outing to
Belgrade, 21-25 april, kindly provided by Eisenstein Nomadic Services;
Katarina <> can send invitations for those of us who
need visa etc.; -a]

hello Andreas!

> > adele, could i ask you a favour? could you check out the train times for
> > going from Bp to Belgrade? and, if possible, also prices for the return
> > journey.

ok, here it is - a round-trip ticket (II. class) costs HUF 9000, which is
about DM 80.

the trains leave Budapest from Keleti, and these are the departure-arrival
9:24 - 17:14
13:30 - 20:12
16:05 - 22:45  (this is an IC, a bit more expensive)
23:55 - 8:41  (i would not recommend the overnight!)

the return times are:
19:50 - 5:08  (again, not recommended!)
6:35 - 13:43
8:15 - 15:08
13:00 - 19:49  (IC)

by the way, do not count too much upon the accuracy of the arrival times
in either direction, especially from Beograd to Budapest... you never know
how long you have to wait on the border, nor how slow the train might
suddenly decide to go...

and don't forget to arrange visas before the trip (you can do it in
Budapest - the embassy is at Hosok Tere/Heroes' Sq. - but you may need a
day to get it, maybe more by now...) - they will not give visas on the
border anymore, as far as i know.

> > ps: calling it 'spring' is a bit of an exaggeration here.
> but in koeln it was also pretty springlike!
today it's 16 C in Budapest! and sunny!