Andrius Ventslova on Mon, 08 Mar 99 21:12:50 PST

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Syndicate: Tomas Venclova

The following is reaction of my dad, whos profession  is not art. He is filologist. He works at Yale university, USA.
Andrius Ventslova

> Date: Ð?оÑ?кÑ?еÑ?енÑ?е 7 маÑ?Ñ?а 1999 12:06:29 
> From: Tomas Venclova
> To: Andrius Ventslova
> Subject: Re: what you think?
> Dear Andrius,
> I think you are perfectly right in your approach to the case of the fellow
> who insulted religious feelings of the people. He should be punished
> somehow, though not by imprisonment (prison is for murderers,etc., and he
> committed a despicable act which nevertheless cannot be equated with
> murder). Incidentally, one of the bad consequences of his act is fueling
> of the religious fanaticism, which is unacceptable as much as the
> deliberate insult of religious feelings.
> The English of your letter is not always perfect, but I understood your
> point and welcome it.
> Dad.