Annick Bureaud on Tue, 09 Mar 1999 12:45:47 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: to be religious

Hi everyone !

I am just surprised by this discussion. What is it about ?

1 - Art has links with religion (this is for Andrius) and specially when we consider Icons, is it not religious art

2 - Andrius : how could you confused killing someone (Mozart) and destroying artifacts ?

3 - It is NOT the first time in art history that artists destroy artifacts : see the fluxus movement and
performances where artists were destroying musical instruments. Here this russian artist destroyed artifacts that
are mass marked and mass produced, not artworks (but the equivalent of the golden calf, if you wish)

4 - Why is it a *mistake* and why should he recognized it as a *mistake* ???? If I take a bunch of postcards or
reproductions of the Mona Lisa or ANY piece of artwork and if I decide to burn them or to destroy them as an art
performance or installation : WHERE is the mistake ???
It is just for me religious integrism, like in France when the extreme Catholics say they want to forbid a book
because Jesus Christ is depicted as a woman on the cross or the same who put weapons (grenada, sorry, I don't know
the name in English) to blow in movies theaters because they didn't like the poster and/or content or some films
that were depicting the life of the christ in a manner they dislike. (one person was killed by the way !)

HELP, we want freedom and no *religious* or *political* authority to tell us what art is or is not. I am not
Russian, I have never been to Russia but I have heard that there was a time in this country were artists could go
to jail (and actually did) because they were not depicting in a *good* way the *people republic* (sorry here again
I am lacking the words), they went to jail because of their religious attitude. Are you just proposing the SAME ?

There is no *mistake* in art, just good art, bad art, art that is interesting but for sure will not stay in the
memory, and  it is history in the long term which says what is going to be remembered as good art. But THERE IS NO
MISTAKE IN ART ! And this artist should not go to jail for sure but he should not be punished at all, or apologize.

Annick Bureaud

Andrius Ventslova wrote:

> Dear Alexei,
> > As you might know being religeous (as well as owning a Mercedes 600) is
> > very much in fashion among real criminals in Russia.
> To wear the cross on the neck far doesn't mean to be religious. To avoid making sins is to be religious. Andrius

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