Melentie Pandilovski on Mon, 15 Mar 1999 16:06:11 +0100 (MET)

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Syndicate: ZAYAC

Dear and Esteemed Art Admirers,

It is our pleasure to inform you that as of March 3, 1999 SCCA - Skopje, Macedonia
launched the Internet Magazine for visual arts 
"ZAYAC" - Zine About Young Art  Culture.
The concept of the magazine is imagined as a domain for promotion of different 
aesthetic or philosophic ideas, the presentation of different artistic
concepts yet to be realized (in true or "other" space), posting and
announcing of reviews, and short texts related to Macedonian and
International exhibiting activity. "ZAYAC" does not aim to encompass
bulk aspects of the theoretical analysis of the recent production, but
its purpose represents a frequent and dynamic field for reaction. "ZAYAC"
is organized and edited by group of young enthusiastic artists, curators,
fine arts critics and students who are invited to contribute their own issues,as well.
It will be our pleasure if you enrich and affect the contents of our Internet Magazine with
contributions, donations, ideas, reflections and projects of yours.
You may e-mail all your contributions, donations, ideas, considerations, concepts to 
Nikola Pisarev and Kristina Miljanovska not later than 25th of every month.
About the content of the first issue of "ZAYAC" and for the entire latest local art 
happenings visit us at: