intima on Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:43:47 +0100

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Syndicate: oppera teorettikka internettikka

dear syndicalists,
i'm so sorry for my previous error posting. why do i - a decent netizen - 
have to make so many troubles? please forgive me in the name of love 
and communication on the net. thank you very much in advance - igor.

more info:

[stromajer is singing the theory of internet]

in the grand hall of slovene national opera and ballet
(ljubljana, slovenia)

on thursday, march 18th, 1999 at 22:22 (10:22 pm) 
[CET - central european time]

"intervention of the contemporary multimedia artist into the traditional art 

available online (live) at:

and: 89.3 fm stereo (radio student - ljubljana region only)

internet broadcasting arranged by:
     borut savski, ministry:of:x-periment
please use realaudio player (G2)

performed by:
     igor stromajer - intima
produced by:
co-produced by:
     intima virtual base
     kapelica gallery <>
supported by:
     city of ljubljana
     igor omahen
thanks to:
     bojana kunst
     natasa kos
     jurij krpan
     dr. borut smrekar

raw and very short version of the oppera was first tested on SEAFair 
(skopje electronic arts fair) and syndicate meeting in skopje, macedonia 
(october 1998). some excerpts of the performance were also presented 
live by the creator himself within the presentation of the net art project 
"b.ALT.ica" on transmediale99 in berlin, germany (february 1999).

archive 001:
archive 002:

for those who "are in" / "can come" to ljubljana, slovenia:
1. slovene national opera and ballet is located in the city center (address: 
zupanciceva ulica 1, lj)
2. entrance is free (all are welcome)
3. for more info please phone (local) 041 703291

free your mind and the rest will follow