Jennifer De Felice on Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:40:18 +001

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Syndicate: lurking in the minds of individuals


A humble attempt to emerge from the Syndicate shadow....

A public notification of my gratitude to those that made the N5M 

Writing to the list feels to me a lot like speaking in public which I
really don´t like doing...but I promised to make an here 

The ad-hoc syndicate meeting at the N5M turned out to be a 
constructive although slow-moving one. In fact someone mentioned 
that it was one of the most interesting debates that heard in 
ages. Not that there were any conclusions thing is for 
sure being included in NATO is not the sign of a border shift between 
east and west, which was implied in jest...maybe as far as 
international foreign policy and military intervention is 
concerned...borders...interestingly enough I find the "no border" 
campaign a little in contradiction to the "anti-multinational 
campaign". I´m not brave enough to make overt statements about the 
repercussions of a rally for borderless-ness but that utopian 
statement can be misinterpreted as freedom not merely for refugees 
and immigrants but for those same multi-nationals whose activity we 
are so adamant about protesting. I´d be curious to see a list of how 
many policies have been made to benefit trade and commerce between 
the CZ and the EU in order to ensure there entrance ticket to the 
EU. How many companies in the EU now own the smaller factories and 
control the employees payrolls? Borderlessness isn´t what I want to 
see...I want to see better immigration policies and support systems 
for refugees. Who´s party at the border is it anyway.


p.s. victory.
the proposed law to ensure inheritance and social security 
rights to same-sex partners in the Czech Republic was accepted this 
past week!