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deep syndicalists or VIDEO ARCHAELOGISTS-to-be,

i am particularly happy to announce yet another typical media event, which
is to be launched in sofia/bulgaria this october. below is the initial call
for all of those deep europeans who are keen to dig even deeper.

looking forward to receiving your archaeological findings.



VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY [International Videoart Festival]

Archaeology today involves a lot of scientific research and analysis
directed towards reconstructing the nature of our ancestors' existence. On
the basis of an excavated coin, tool, masterpiece or a funeral, studied in
their historical context, the archaeologist recreates pagan or religious
rites, folklore customs, ethnic characteristics, economical changes,
cultural history. But today's scientific studies often disregard these
results in their arguments and final statements. Moreover, there is no
consensus in interpreting our forebears' traces. Scientists tend to restore
people treating them as statistical objects rather than as complex human
beings, with no concern for their emotional outlook or psychological world.
Should future archaeology be so facts-driven, one-sided and indifferent as
a method of research?

VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY picks up video as its prevailing visual form of
expression with the intention to raise issues about the archaeological
image of our present. What kind of findings will the future scientists
discover through their excavations? What will the findings reveal about the
close of 20th century?

VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY calls for competitive artists who are keen to take the
reverse way of research-making. Artists are invited to submit their new
videoworks - possibly UNSHOWN before. The works should be created as if to
predict the 'coin' or the 'tool', which present inhabitants would
assumingly leave as an archaeological product of our time. AWARDS are
likely to be uncovered for the BEST VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGISTS.

VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY will also bring artists, theoreticians and general
audience in a two-day symposium accompanied by public art installations and
screenings of curated video archaeology packages from ZKM, Karlsruhe/G;
VideoMedeja, Novi Sad/Yu; VIA, Basel/Sw; WRO, Wroclaw/Pol; Video Data Bank,
Chicago/US, TransHudson Gallery, New York/US, FACT, Liverpool/UK.

VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY [VA] is initiated by Boris KOSTADINOV & Zhivka
VALYAVICHARSKA, Sofia/BG for ATA Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia/BG and
co-curated by Iliyana NEDKOVA, Sofia/Liverpool, BG/UK. VA is organised in
collaboration with National Fine Arts Academy/Sofia, Soros Center for the
Arts/Sofia, USIA American Center, Sofia, National Archaeology Museum/Sofia.
VA has sought funding from PHARE Euro-BG Arts Fund/Sofia, Artslink
Collaborative Projects Fund/New York, KulturKontakt/Vienna, Soros Center
for the Arts/Sofia, Trust for Mutual Understanding/New York.

Please, send a preview tape [VHS, PAL] to:

ATA Center for Contemporary Art [for VIDEO ARCHAEOLOGY]
3 Karnigradska Str, Sofia 1000, BULGARIA
t/f: +359 2/ 980 80 25, e:

Please, include the following info:
Artist's Name & Contacts:
Brief CV [up to 200 words]:
Brief Synopsis [up to 200 words]:
Tech Details:

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