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Syndicate: Insular Technologies documentation

INSULAR Technologies workshop presentation

The results of the INSULAR Technologies workshop held at the end of the
Next 5 Minutes 3 conference, were presented to the public on Wednesday 17
March 99, at V2_ in Rotterdam.

INSULAR = International Networking System for Universal Long-distance
Advanced Radio.

INSULAR technologies is an open access, low cost, autonomous,
decentralised, data and voice global radio network.

It is designed to promote and protect the communication between
independent cultural, media and social initiatives, non-governmental
organisations and individuals. These may be operating from remote areas
and/or environments with limited connectivity.

INSULAR Technologies also functions as a back-up and emergency
communication facility for  existing digital/analogue networks and telecom
infrastructure. IT is an initiative of the IT CONSORTIUM, an international
not-for-profit body.

The results of the 3-day workshop are summarised on the pages of the
INSULAR website which is temporarily placed at: and
will soon move to

Topics include :

Legal Issues <>
Technical Framework <>
Pilot Initiative <>

The workshop presentation and folowing public forum was netcast live and is
now available in realaudio from (search: insular;
ca. 1:08 hrs playing time)

The workshop was organised by the Next 5 Minutes and V2_Organisation in
co-operation with PACT Systems Ljubljana and the Ljudmila hw_lab.