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Syndicate: residency opportunity


The following is information about the Cimelice residency program 
that the FCCA -Prague (through long hours and hard work on behalf 
of Pavla Niklova, thank you Pavla!) has established. We would 
appreciate it if those of you with contacts to artists that may be 
interested would see to it that they recieve the following 


Cimelice Castle
General Information 

H i s t o r y 
The Foundation and Center for Contemporary Art-Prague (former
SCCA-Prague) is a non-profit organization supporting contemporary
visual arts in the Czech Republic through documentation, grants,
exhibitions, residencies and other arts events. The SCCA-Prague was
established in 1992 as a part of the SCCA Network which includes
similar centers functioning in Central and Eastern Europe and the
countries of the former Soviet Union.

P r o g r a m s 
The artist residency program is the main activity at Cimelice Castle.
In 1999 two two-month sessions will be held from June through
September. Artists will be required to give presentations of their
work. During each session an open house will be organized for artists,
arts professional and the public. Additional events will be organized.
For international participants the residency will include a one week
visit to Prague. They will become acquainted with the Czech cultural
scene by visiting galleries, performances and other events and through
meeting people from the Czech art world. In addition, various
workshops will take place at Cimelice Castle during May.

L o c a t i o n
Cimelice is a small historical village, located an hour's drive
south-west of Prague.  It is situated in the woods and rolling hills,
typical of the Czech countryside. The Baroque castle, now owned by the
Schwarzenberg family, was built in 1728-1730 by the famous Italian
architect Antonio Canevalle. Adjacent buildings include a granary,
which has been reconstructed from the relic of a medieval fortress.
The castle is surrounded by a park and a tree-lined avenue leads to a
neighbouring castle in Rakovice. 

F a c i l i t i e s
The facilities include 5 painting studios, 2 sculpture studios, a
writer's apartment, 2 rehearsal spaces, 8 bedrooms and a communal
kitchen and a dining room. Additional spaces, including the castle
parlors and cellars, nearby agricultural buildings and the surrounding
property may also be made available through with permission of the

E l i g i b i l i t y 
The program is designed for artists who require facilities suitable
for focused work and who are particularly interested in meeting other
members of the international artistic community. The program will host
Czech and international artists working in visual, performing and
literary arts. Experimental as well as interdisciplinary approaches
will be encouraged.

F e e s 
Studio & Accommodation: 
Two-month residency: $1,500 / 7 weeks at Cimelice Castle + 1 week's
accommodation in Prague otherwise - $200 / week at Cimelice Castle
Meals are not included in the accomodation fee.

F i n a n c i a l   A i d 
Participants are encouraged to seek funding from state and private
institutions in their countries to cover the above fee. The
FCCA-Prague is available for guidance, and fee exemptions in special
cases. Artists who are under the age of 35 can apply through
UNESCO-ASCHBERG Bursaries for Artists program. The UNESCO-ASCHBERG
bursary covers all expenses.

H o w   t o   A p p l y
Please submit a brief artists statement and proposal of no more than 2
pages indicating why you would like to work at Cimelice Castle, a
curriculum vitae and portfolio. Please indicate the preferred time of
the residency. For the UNESCO-ASCHBERG bursary use their application

Deadline:	April 30, 1999

For more information, please contact: FCCA-Prague, Jeleni 9, 118 00
Prague 1, Czech Republic, tel (420 2) 2437 3178, 3335 1359, fax (420
2) 5732 0640, e-mail:,