katarina on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 11:29:09 +0100 (CET)

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Syndicate: Belgrade (B92)

Dear friends,
1. 'announcement'
2. news

1. a lot of you already offered help. thank you!! as soon as concrete idea
forms we will write..... 
which is Internet address of Radio B92. that is, in the same time, best place
to get informed about what is happening in Yugoslavia (news on English as
well + Radio B92 on-line)

2. Radio B92 was at 2:50 am this morning banned from further broadcasts.
Two technical operatives of the Yugoslav Federal Telecommunications Ministry, backed by about ten policemen, entered the premises of Radio B92 and instructed its staff immediately to discontinue broadcasts.
At the moment of the execution of the ban, four police cars and two jeeps were waiting in front of the building seating the station.
The policemen who entered the radio's studios instructed all staff present at the moment instantly to stop working on computers, switch off and put away their mobile phones and refrain from answering the terrestial phones.
Giving no justification, the policemen took the station's editor-in-chief Veran Matic along with them as soon as he entered the studios.
The telecommunications officials told the B92 staff that ``the [Yugoslav] federal inspector for telecommunications had according to Article 192 Paragraph 1 of the Law on the General Administrative Procedures and to Article 1 Paragraph 1 Point 2 of the Law on the Systems of Connections passed the decision ordering Radio B92 IMMEDIATE cessation of the illegal radio-broadcasts of its radio diffusion station operating on the 92.5 MHz frequency.''
The official note presented to the staff said that the ``term for the enforcement of the order was IMMEDIATE, and that according to Article 86 of the Law on Systems of Connections Veran Matic was responsible for the order's implementation.''
``With the purpose of preventing further operation of the radio station, the [officials] will carry out temporary seizure of radio equipment until the decision of the competent agency. Appeal does not suspend the enforcement of the ruling,'' the note said.
The justification of the ruling said: ``On the grounds of the report of the Measurements Control Centre in Belgrade as of March 23, 1999 on the breach of the regulations in the domain of radio connections and data obtained in the Yugoslav Telecommunications Ministry, as well as of the control [carried out] on the spot, it has been established that: 1 A radio diffusion station operating on the 92.5 MHz frequency with the identification mark of Radio B92 is set up and operated on the location of Makedonska 22 in Belgrade. 2 The maximum deviation and breadth of the transmission exceed the allowed levels defined in the Book of Rules on Technical and Exploitation Conditions of Radio Diffusion Station on Frequency Modulated Broadcasts. 3 The said power exceeds the allowed level of 300W. This constitutes misdemeanour defined in Article 141 Paragraph 1 Point 6. Appeal against this ruling can be 
filed to the Yugoslav Telecommunications Minister within 8 days of its reception.''
As 'other life aspects' are officials are convincing the people that only higher attention of military and
police is needed......