Eric Kluitenberg on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:19:19 +0200

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Syndicate: Re: the yugoslav nightmar

dear friends,

Thinking of all my friends and someone I love in the middle of this
horrible conflict, the announcement of the final break-down of politics
yesterday evening was certainly one of the darkest moments in a very long

I fear that what has happened this morning is only the prelude to worse
things to come, and we are thoroughly helpless when the guns are speaking.
At this point it seems important to stick with our intention to visit
Belgrade in April, but we need to look closely at the risks involved -
there is certainly no need for false heroism and pretence in this...

Meanwhile I wonder what means we have to mobilise other forms of support
from here. At the very least we need to continue our moral support to our
friends under siege with all the love and friendship we can invest into
this. Back home we need to operate on a strategic level - is there any
pressure we can exert to move devision makers away from the folly of bombs
on Serbia -that will in effect only legitimise the authoritarian forces in

deeply troubled,