Slobodan Markovic on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:15:50 +0100

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Syndicate: Wednesday: heart attack

>> i am thinking of you now, and all serbian friends, wondering what
>> will happen tomorrow.
>one night under pressure./stop/b92 shot down tonight/stop/internet as a
>tool of surviving horror?!/stop/  without strenght to completely control
>emotions (including  fear)/stop/first degree alacrity/stop/every
>political oponent might be proclaimed deserter or enemy/stop/lots of


    For all those who are interested what is the best thing to do in
    case of NATO rocket attack - here's my recommendation:

    Since you cannot do much to change things - do the best thing:

    Turn off the lights;
    Open window in the room;
    Turn on the computer;
    Turn on the amplifier and CD player;
    Make Internet connection;
    Put in the player following CD: The Cure, Galore (singles 1987-1997);
    Recommended songs:
        Fascination Street (during warning sirens),
        Why Can't I Be You and Just Like Heaven (during detonations),
        Close To Me and Lovesong (after the attack),
        Lullaby (Belgrade air-raid closing theme);
    Turn volume to very loud;

    Surf until the end of the world (until you have electric power)...


    Gone to buy an umbrella,

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