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Syndicate: call for info!


***Vienna update, call for info!***

[this is a vague resemblence of a press release which went out today, from
Public Netbase t0, Vienna. we are currently screening video material from
Yugoslavia which was also presented at the Revolting Media Lab - and
received an overwhelmingly hungry response from some journalists here in
Vienna. so there is need for info!

thanks to BAZA and especially aleksandar who produced and brought material
to Manchester last year. it travelled across the continent and seeks even
more interest here in Vienna. what is very important to us here, is the
presentation of the democratic movement and the protests. as most of you
know, the media coverage here in the west tends to paint things in a very
scary and uniform light (almost un-informed). it is very important to put
images, faces and stories to the situation.

here we go...]

given the current crisis in Yougoslavia and the expected military strike of
the NATO forces, Public Netbase t0, Vienna wants to use its available means
to mediate the problematic situation of the independent democratic movement
in Yugoslavia.

Utilising new communication technologies and the internet which are
available to the public, we intend to make alternative media channels
accessible which are currently in danger of being drowned in the overall
media maelstroem. We do not intend to formulate a political position in
relation to the crisis situation, but intend to actively support those who
are behind the democratising forces in Yugoslavia.

Throughout the next couple of days we will change one room at Public
Netbase t0 into an open archive, presenting print, radio, video.

Currently we are screening over 6 hours of alternative coverage of the
protests mainly in Belgrade over the past few years. Those will be screened
throughout the days. Experience has told us that mainstream media tend to
oversimplify, due to various reasons...

Additionally we will dedicate the available terminals to the information
sources which can be accessed. This also includes (of course) the B92

[and then some info]


So far we managed to get airspace on one station in Vienna, radio Orange
the free-radio Vienna, which will re-broadcast the English News of B92 as
they get out of the country. i just got a phone call saying they managed to
get somebody from radio B92 on the phone. that interview will go onair in
20 minutes...

Please point statements, info, images, text in our direction, we will try
to find media outlets for all information. This might sound redundant to
some, but there is demand for alternative information.

There is so little one can do from remote, but we are trying to get some
stuff out.

thinking, phoning, typing, working, thinking again, all the best,

Micz Flor [Content Development - micz@t0.or.at]

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