Nikos Vittis on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:33:25 +0200

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Syndicate: RE: Bombings

I would like to add a few things concerning the bombings. 3 things  have
come to my knowledge.
1) There are serious indications of oil in this side of the Balkans. West
part which includes Kosovo, Albania, Ionian Islands of Greece and Maybe
some part of Macedonia. I new there was an agreement for test drillings at
Kosovo with Texaco. Of course the indications do not mean that it can be
profitable to explore even if they find.
2) US is supporting Macadonia, and Albania (thru Turkey). Pilots (military)
from Macedonia are trained in Turkey and Turkey was supposed to provide old
aircrafts to Macedonia. There is also an agreement between Albania and
Turkey for an upgrading of their old military bases and training of
officers. In that way they will control the Balkan area. Yugoslavia is an
ustable and uncontrolable factor for them.
3) Russia now feels more pressed and is losing control of this area. And it
wil be more isolated and will eventually lose access to resources. That
came obvious with the agreements on the Kaspian oil and the way of
transporting it. By pressing Russia on the financial part, as Russia needs
cash, they managed to get permission to contruct the oilculvert thru Turkey
which means it can be controled by the US. (That's where the kurdish issue
comes in. It passes thru kurdish land where there are attacks by PKK). They
also managed to forbide Russia to sell weapon to certain countries (like
Iran). Even Greece is pressed not to buy from Russia by temporeraly not
delivering (US) their weapons to Greece.

This is somewhat my own political analysis. There are more things than
those stated. And I am willing to discuss anything. Anyway, another thing
is the opression to the Albanians by Milosevitz and another is to attack a
country because you are strong and to divide something in small pieces. And
the wosrt thing is that they are bringing up moral issues and hiding facts
that there are two kinds of Albanians. The ones who are seeking political
ways for a solution and the others that fight with guns. It seems that they
come to back up the fighters.
And the worst of all is that the EU is just a follower. The example that Mr
Clinton brought up about war and killings is what exactly we have to avoid.

Good luck to Yugoslavia and to all of us who will be next