Stephen Kovats on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 05:42:11 -0500

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Syndicate: support and resilience...

dear syndicalists - particularly the many friends and colleagues affected
by the military action in yugoslavia

just a brief note to express my heartfelt faith in your resilience to
overcome this deeply disturbing escalation of lunacy, which after ten years
of escalation across the whole region seems to make us increasingly
depressed about the lack power of civility over primitivism. i feel
especially grateful that trough mechanisms such as the syndicate and
ostranenie, among many others, we have been able to freely and actively
engage in the type of dialogue necessary to overcome the trials of
establishing truly open network, support and exchange channels which are
often denyed at the political/state level. if anything - and i refer to
some ideas which circulated in the corridors of the the n5m conference - we
should pursue with increased vigour the attaining of a special form of
public and trans-national statement with connection to the planned spring
excursion, whether it takes place in belgrade or any other proxy location.

again, to all my friends in novi sad, belgrade, sremska kamenica, pec,
pristina and beyond -you're on my mind through this. keep up your work, i
hope that you're OK and that we'll see you next month!

as an external observer, disturbed, all my best to you, 

steve kovats