Dejan Sretenovic on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 13:55:14 +0100

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Syndicate: Belgrade news

Thanks to all Syndicate friends who are giving us support.

The weather is nice and warm today in Belgrade, but there's less people
in the streets than usually. Expectedly, most of the people stayed at
home last night during the air strikes. But still, no fear, no panic.
Some shops are open and the public transport is reduced. It is hard to
get reliable information on what's going on since all media give only
short news about the air strikes. Local television, Studio B, is the
only media giving prompt news about the air strikes. We heard that some
military and police targets in the suburbs of Belgrade were hit, but
there's no information on the damage or casualties. Most of the private
TV stations in Belgrade transmit Radio Television of Serbia programs.
And what's on the program? Old partisan movies form the 50s and 60s,
patriotic military adds and news each hour. TV Politika played musical
videos this morning. But, we are still blind for the things happening in
this country. Those with satellite dishes are lucky. Thank God, Internet
connections still function.

Fund for an Open Society and SCCA have ceased their activities in
protest against NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.

Dejan Sretenovic