barbara strebel on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:54:03 +0100

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Syndicate: swiss euro news

hello All:
news  from swiss  mainstream media, as  reported on  Radio DRS news 20:00=
 -people are  being   shot on the  streets ,
 -groups of people  fleeing (  women and  children), are being  taken
hostage ( kidnapped)  as  potential civilian  protection.
-attempt  to seize the Interenational  Medai  Center
- no   news  of  expulsion of  foreign  (NATO related ) journalist

 today,  on the second  page of the  Basler  Zeitung ( from switzerland),
an article and  large  photo of  seizure of  B92
other swiss www  suports sites   (  from Basel)

if it  can   help you  here is   concat in sarajevo
please   give  me   news if you contact him

formerly  at  Swiss Red Cross in Sarajevo , his  family is  living in   Belgrad

Antoine  Dubas, OHR, Office of the  High Representative,
 Marsala Tita 28, 710000 Sarajevo
tel. + 387 71 447 275
fax + 387 71 447 420

- barbara