Julie Blankenship on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:07:42 -0800

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Dear Syndicate friends:

Artists here in the Bay Area are trying to understand the NATO bombings. We
can only imagine what you must be going through in Yugoslavia right now.
Our thoughts are with you, and we hope and pray that you're ok.

Here's an update of some of the articles on the NATO strikes and related
news published in today's newspapers:

Journalists from all NATO countries have been expelled from Yugoslavia.

1,300 Albanians from Kosovo have fled to Turkey.

Last night there were strikes by NATO planes. on 50 targets. General Wesley
Clark, the NATO Supreme Commander, said three Yugoslav jet fighters had
been destroyed. There are unconfirmed reports of 10 dead and 60 wounded

In Pristina, witnesses said that the office of ethnic Albanian political
leader Ibrahim Rugova was vandalized and burned. A tire shop just north of
the city seem had been struck by a missle aimed at a nearby army barracks.
Smoke rose from a military airfield north of Belgrade. Kragujevac, a major
military-industrial center, was dark after an explosian early Thursday.
Kosova Press said Serbian forces set fire to a large portion of the
northern city of Podujevo on Wednesday night.

The Russian General Staff in Moscow said NATO attacks badly damaged five
military airfields, two factories, a communications center, several
barracks, and a police training base.

The United States has supplied nearly half of the NATO aircraft. Clinton
said in his address on Wednesday night "I do not intend to put our troops
in Kosovo to fight a war."

Here in the California Bay Area, local lawmakers gave statements mostly in
support of the NATO bombings. Serbs in San Francisco staged protests
yesterday against the bombings.

Please let us know if it's at all valuable to read what's being reported in
our news media.