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Syndicate: portugal solidarity with serbs

 dear syndicalists and specially people in Yugoslavia,

Portugal is a member of NATO. Portugal is supporting the NATO agression on
Yugoslavia, but recent pools show that most of the peolple is against this
barbarian actions.
Many  of us are aware that besides beeing totally illegal, by the
international laws, this action is an imposition of the United States to
the partners in NATO (organisation that doesn't make sense for todays
europeans). The United States are not interested in "humanitarian causes"
(see Turkey and the Curdish, see Indonesia and Timor, as examples) they are
just interested in the military and geopolitical chess played at the
Balcans and at the Adriatic sea.

Not intending to do a profound analysis of the situation we just want to
express our solidarity to all the people at the Balcans and specially with
the ones who are now victims of bombings and of a state of war.

We also wish to say we are sorry that Portugal is a member of NATO.

Very aprehensive

joão chambel
luis urbano
sandra caldeira
joão farinho
tiago miranda
carla sampaio
beatriz cantinho