katarina on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 22:32:37 +0100 (CET)

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Syndicate: news from Montenegro

In response to the numerous requests regarding the information in Montenegro
and Yugoslavia, montenegro.com is opening a page dedicated to the update
about the crisis. The page is constantly updated with news links and links
to the related web sites.
Montenegro.com is opening the following:
1) News from Montenegro, Yugoslavia, and the world constantly updated.
2) Message board dedicated to the crisis
3) IRC chat. - Join the IRC of Montecafe where many people from all over the
world discuss events in the troubled areas.
4) News/Media links: Montena Fax, Pobjeda, Vijesti, B92, itd...
5) Mailing list (will open in the next 24 hours)  that will update all
interested parties with the current news from various news sources.
We wish you and your families all the best,
Montenegro.com team.

To be excluded from any future announcements,  please send e-mail to
remove@montenegro.com, and put your e-mail address to the subject line.