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        pismo Klintonu_salji dale
        Sun, 28 Mar 1999 11:51:25 +0200
        Slavko Simin <cadart@EUnet.yu>
        Dragan Zivancevic <dragonns@EUnet.yu>

Ovo je samo jedan od mnogih pokusaja da skrenemo, na bilo koji nacin,
paznju na realnost. Okrenimo im glave i pokusajmo da ovo pismo stigne na

sto vise mesta Slavko-Cale.

Short and sharp,since I know that you are more than bussy this days.

Here is the short list:
Mihajlo Pupin,scientist,founder of  University Lab of Colorado
Nikola Tesla,American scientist
Peter Bogdanovich, film maker ,Oscar winner,
Steve Tesich,scriptwriter,
Karl Malden,film star
Slavko Vorkapic,Holywood pioneer,
Milojko Vucelic,scientist NASA program,
Bogdan Maglic,member of Nobel prize winner Alvarez team,
Charles Simic,American poet,
Dan Tana, Holywood producer
Zoran Perisic,Oskar winner,special effects
all of them many,many honourable Americans and tax payers  of this
century ,have one thing in common:they were or are  the Serbs.
Today,American administration pay the tribute to them,by savage  bombing

You do not have to give excuses to Serbian and Yugoslavian people,we
how to recognize people blinded by ambition.We did it with Kaiser,Hitler

and Stalin.So, welcome to the club.
I`d like to expres my sincerely congratulations,for your uncompromised
support to mr Milosevic,whose politics was the reason that me and my
family left country,as hundreds of thousands more in past ten years.
Thanks for making us homeless.At least we are dispersed all over the
world,and since we have no geographical location, you can not simply
As many times we, as the Serbs,and Yugoslavians,heard that we suffer of
too much history,I`m glad to say that you`ve already been placed to the
past,by doing the crime for the future.
Welcome to the WASP Millenim mr President,and dream about world with no
other people but people like you.
Obviosly the others do not deserve to be brave and free.
Gradimir Aleksic
media producer

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