Andreas Broeckmann on Sun, 28 Mar 1999 11:02:25 +0100

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Syndicate: Re: censored? some list admin ...

>did you cut out part of my posting????

no, things go to the list directly, i don't edit, cut, censor, whatever.

some messages bounce because the sender address is not subscribed to the
list; this also happens when an address is different (like nebojsa posting
from <> when the address that is subscribed is
<>. inke and i get these bounces and we try to channel
them to the list asap. you make things faster if you check you mail

messages also bounce when you redirect from outsiders:

Subject: BOUNCE syndicate: Non-member submission from [rogel alpher
<> (by way of Andrea Szekeres <>)]

you have to use 'send again' in these cases.