Slobodan Markovic on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 00:27:29 +0200

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Syndicate: It's really hard...

    [This is one excerpt from my e-mail correspondence. 
     I thought it might be interesting to larger audience...]

>I've understand that you are an Serb and what I want to know how you
>think about the whole situation in Kosovo and about yuor president?
>I hope you can answer me that.

    Situation on Kosovo is really hard to watch. Albanians are majority
    on Kosovo (don't believe in any speculations, NO ONE knows even close
    number of ethnic Albanians on Kosovo). So, they want autonomy...
    Problem is they want much larger autonomy with ingerentions of a
    sovereign state. Main aim of KLA (hardcore terrorist group) fighting
    is, by their own words, separation of Kosovo from Serbia. That is
    something Serbia is not willing to allow them, not just Slobodan

    If you now connect this conflict with USA interests in Europe you've
    got it... Good guys, bad guys, crisis, peacemakers, CNN, NATO, etc.
    But that doesn't matter 'coz USA interest is NOT to bring peace to
    Kosovo. They don't give a shit about some Serbs and Albanians there.
    Main reason for NATO and USA involvement on Kosovo we won't (maybe)
    ever know... Equalizing military forces in region, destabilizing
    Europe, coming closer to Russia, challenging Russian patience, who

    And now what I think of Milosevic... Well, nothing good for sure.
    According only to the results of his rule in past 10 years, I can tell
    you that there is NOT ONE aspect of living in Serbia which is better
    than ten years ago. I didn't vote for Milosevic on any elections and
    I don't support his hardcore (mostly nationalist) political attitude.

    By my opinion, Slobodan Milosevic is not the ONLY one responsible for
    Balkan (Kosovo) mess. He is just one bad politician. He was made "bad
    guy" by western media and politicians, just as KLA terrorists (which
    are also killing people) were made "good guys". If someone wanted
    things to be different, it could easily be vice-versa... Take a closer 
    look on Turkey and their problem with Kurds... can you see some 
    "dictatorship", "humanitarian catastrophe" or "good guys" and "bad
    guys" there? It was pretty same in Northern Ireland, for instance...

    Don't ask me for Kosovo problem solution. Even if I have it, I can't
    do anything to make it come to life. Sad but true, it takes much more
    than Slobodan Milosevic and KLA to stop killings on Kosovo. We all need
    DIFFERENT approach to whole situation, on both Serbian and Albanian
    side, not just "good guys" and "bad guys" approach... We have to think
    of far reaching consequences of every single decision...

    Rules are very easy - quality of the solution is in direct proportion
    with quantity of weapons needed for its implementation. Less weapons
    on the field - better the solution. That obviously excludes NATO from
    the game in the start...


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