Slobodan Markovic on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 04:28:43 +0200

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Syndicate: Late night news from Yugoslavia

    It's 04:08 here in Belgrade and city is shining like nothing
    is happening. Street lights are shining in spite of announced
    air-warning, five hours ago. I guess someone finally understood
    that Tomahawks doesn't depend on light, but on satellite guidance.

    Here are some news I filtered today... bad news first:

    In past two days at least 400 refugees crossed border between
    Macedonia and Yugoslavia. This information is confirmed to 
    news agency "Beta" at Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    Macedonian red cross, on the other side, said that around 1000 
    refugees crossed the border today. There are no information 
    about refugees who crossed border between Yugoslavia and Albania. 
    Some said Yugoslav army opened a corridor for them yesterday 
    but number of refugees is not consistent - some say 1000, some 
    say 10.000. One is sure, the number is not small... :-(

    Anyway CNN's news about 500.000 refugees is total madness
    because that would be almost half of ALL ethnic Albanians on
    Kosovo and 1/3 of all people on Kosovo...

    Serbian Minister of Justice, Dragoljub Jankovic, proposed
    yesterday introduction of death penalty for most severe crimes
    during state of war in country. If you didn't know, death 
    penalty is forbidden by Constitution of Federal Republic of
    Yugoslavia, but not the Constitution of Serbia.

    Today, I heard from my friend... Since there is no gasoline
    in free market, it can be bought via some bogus police, military 
    and underground channels for 10-15 DEM for just one liter.
    Average monthly wage in Yugoslavia, before NATO attack was 
    about 150-200 DEM.

    And now one funny notice. My friend from Toronto (talking about 
    anti-NATO protests):

    "...yesterday, 27.03.99 17h, at the same place. This time they came
    with whistles, eggs, flags and banners. They were throwing eggs
    and paper planes on Consulate building. Policeman said paper planes
    are forbidden because they can hit someone in the eye". Silly one.

    Gone to sleep,

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