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RE. Rerouting the Beograd Syndicate Spring Picni

dearest friends,

i am writing this hobart, tasmania, a place marko peljhan described to
syndicate about 18 months ago as 'deep oceania'.  in a rather bizarere
twist of fate, it happens that i'm using the exact machine which marko used
to send this description to syndicate those many months ago ...i know
because no one has touched the email preferences since then!  to complete
this strange coincidence, beside the computer lies the skopje junction
syndicate reader, open on the documentation of his posting ....

in response to vuk and andreas' postings on our planned spring meeting, i
just wanted to keep the dialogue moving ....

i am also deeply torn about whether or not our meeting should go ahead, and
feel a little awkward about even commenting, being so far away ... i
especially appreciate vuk's input on this, and just thought i should repeat
a suggestion i made a little while ago (i don't have my archives with me,
so excuseme if this is a little garbled).

>In my opinion, any attempt to use syndicate user base as
>preassure group in political communication with whomever in
>europe or yu would be wrong, simply because we are not about
>politics, but about humans and sometimes about their new media
>thoughts or work.

this is a very salient point.  however, it seems that some of our colleague
groups, such as the Help B92 support group in amsterdam, have at least been
able to make a small difference with their various actions.  during the
100s of emails which have bounced here and there since this terrible
situation began, there have been a number of practical suggestions put
forward that we could follow up at this meeting, should we agree that
coming together is appropriate, and / or desirable.

one of the suggestions made was the implementation of broadcasting
technology in centres situated on the borders of .yu.  the logistics of
something like this would have to be very carefully considered of course,
but being part of a practical action such as this could be a sensible way
of using syndicate's meeting for something positive.

also, it has been suggested that the coordination of petitions and letters
to governments, and the establishment of templates which could be
distributed amongst people wishing to lobby governments, also is something
which really needs to happen .... or in fact any of the items referred to
on marko's 'plan of action' lists, and reiterated in ted byfield's recent
email to <nettime>.
could we use or time together to work on something like this?  any

these are really just suggestions.  i would be really interested in
everyone else's thoughts on this ....

much warmth



<in australian transit>


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