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Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Syndicate: Media, Net, and Kosovo war

In the text forwarded by Chris Byrne, Paul Treanor wrote:

>>The Internet has not changed the interantional media structures.
>>Probably it has reinforced them. I looked at many of the sites
>>suggested on this list. [...]
>>All of these existed before Internet. Nothing new here.

Not quite true ... the basic sources may be mainly the same old
media monopolies but the discussion and dialogue happening on
the internet about the mediated information is new. Also the
access to a wider range of information, provided by the exchange
of URLs and sources on lists (like this one) is new.

>>De Balie is the leading political-cultural centre in the Netherlands,
>>primarily linked to the social-democratic party. X$4ALL is part of the
>>privatised Netherlands Telecom KPN. I don't know about t0, but I would
>>guess it is also linked to the Austrian social-democratic party SPÃ?.
>>However, B92's expansion in the past few days is primarily supported by
>>the BBC World Service, which is directly controlled by the Britsh
>>foreign ministry.

The connection of B92 to the BBC World Service is a problem
for many people (including myself). B92's opportunistic use
of the propoganda channel of the British establishment while
the Royal Air Force is bombing Serbia does not help B92's
image as an impartial or objective source of information.

With respect to Austrian involvment in B92's struggle to
survive I should say that both ORF Radio 1476 and t0 (Public
Netbase) are politically independent agancies.
- Radio 1476 is a kind of "alternative" radio station broad-
casting from Vienna on the old AM frequency (no longer used
by the main ORF (Austrian National Radio)). It is still a part
of, and funded by, the ORF. It is also quite meaningless
because it can barely be heard in Serbia, which does not
border on Austria.
- t0 (Public Netbase) is an independent media space funded
mainly by the Section for the Arts in the Office of the
Chancelor (this should be understood as the "Ministry of
Culture" because there is no culture ministry in Austria).
Public Netbase has no known affiliation or connection to
any political party.

Finally: Austria is one of the few remaining non-Nato
countries in Europe. Its constitutional neutrality caused
it to forbid overflight by Nato aircraft in the absence of
an United Nations resolution supporting the bombing.

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