Sheila U on Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:28:29 -0600

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Syndicate: canada

the US embassy in Toronto, in a highly central location, is so covered with
eggs it is literally glistening, and now glazed, every window broken out
with piles and piles of garbage and who knows what smouldering in front
surveying the scene, a little old lady turns to me and says, "but Canada is
in this war, too, why aren't they demonstrating against their own country?"

In Ottawa, Our Nations' Capital, the bus I am on is re-directed. 
"they're demonstrating about something on Parliament Hill"
get out and join in
waving a placard with grief and futility

In Montreal, Oh Quebec!, our region of quiet revolution, and hoped for
seperation - the solidarity for a culture oppressed
runs high
where often the most rabid anti-milosevic, horrified at war, protesting
NATO, are worrying does that mean they are pro-milosevic??

Now here is small little obscure Saskatchewan, in the middle of the great
plains, prayers drift through the night - arabic, croat, english, serb -
while Albanians and Serbs link hands together during candlelight vigils in
the snow

pall of shock and grief
but not as much as for some
being there when Dima put her hand through a wall in rage not being able to
find out where her (albanian) father, brother, sister, nieces, cousins are
gone to
ever try to book a flight to a war zone?