florian schneider on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:12:56 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: [RRE] news from Belgrade

> being a conscientious objector myself, and terrified by brute force, i feel
> that a very urgent task is to press all governments to accept refugees and
> asylumn seekers, not only but especially deserters who are putting their
> livelihood at risk by not following mobilisation calls to the yugoslav army
> at this moment and in the future. i'd be happy to coordinate the drafting
> of a letter like this - if anybody wants to help me with this, or knows of
> similar initiatives, please, get in touch.

definetely this should be done from here now. yesterday
night we had a small improvised meeting in munich, in order
to prepare the "no one is illegal" conference, which is taking
place at munich art academy from this evening on. we will set up
a workgroup for saturday afternoon, in order to prepare an urgent
call for opening borderlines for free informations and for the 
people. so maybe we can do that together -- and release it 
maybe at simultaneous press conferences on sunday or monday.
we also asked ccc to get involved in such a common action.

this morning the german minister for interior affairs, Otto Schily,
announced at the tv, that the aim of german government is to
keep all refugees as far away from germany as possible. 

since last week deserters arrive here. maybe it would be good
to spread a leaflet with adresses where to go or where to call
in the cities on the way...

anyway, we are thinking about what to do now, we will use the
conference to coordinate our activities and we will continue 
within the local networks. 

all the best to all of you