marko peljhan on Sun, 28 Mar 1999 01:03:32 +0100

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Syndicate: just in on tv

rai, 23:00 gmt
civilians killed in djakovica.
people leaving in columns for the past days towards the border with
serb military open border today for a very short period on a very narow
only 2900 people cross today.
only women, children and elders.
no men over 17.
reports of massacres.
fear of  10-20 thousand dead.
people being bussed in in columns from prizren towards the border.
no men present.
men and women separated.
fear of srebrenica strategy being implemented.
osce confirmed report of killings of 20 teachers in front of pupils.
supposedly first nato plane downed, as expected. from markings it seems
an F-117 to me.  not very clear pictures. but it looks an f-117.
a-10 ground attack planes taking off from bases. phase II seems
confirmed and going on.
seems that the total attack on albanian civilians is the serbs regime
response to the attacks.
will come back later.