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Syndicate: Message from Ivana Stefanovic

From: Heidi Grundmann <>
Subject: From Belgrade

Dear friends,

this message has reached me from composer and radio-artist Ivana

"Many places in suburbs have been hit by missiles and bombs; fires going
on all around Belgrade and many other cities; radio "B92" just interrupted
its program (10 GMT, Sunday) to announce that another attackwave is on its
way to Belgrade. Please, Heidi, send this message to all your friends - it
is not "bombin Miloshevich", it is indiscriminate bombing of people,
destruction of a country. A small story from Serbia, Kragujevac, car
factory "YUGO ", thousands of employs are standing in the factory yard
with their families in order to protect object by their own bodies from
the possible NATO attack. Ivana"

Ivana Stefanovic

born 1948, lives in Belgrade and Damascus. Ivana Stefanovic studied violin
and composition. In 1981 she became music editor in the radio drama
department of Radio Belgrade. 1985 she founded the Sound Workshop of Radio
Belgrade. She is also a writer and internationalIy known radio-artist. She
has won several prices with her music and radio-art. In January 1993 she
had to take a forced leave from her work in the radio. She is now a
freelance- radio-artist and composer. Her works METROPOLIS OF SILENCE
(1992), LACRIMOSA (1993), FIRST EASTERN DREAM (1998) can be ordered for
broadcast from An edition of KUNSTRADIO containing
FIRST EASTERN DREAM can be listened to at Real Audio Files of the
other pieces will be on line shortly.

Heidi Grundmann Wiedner Hauptstrasse 37/69 A 1040 Vienna Tel: ++43 1
5043110 Fax: ++431 5044849