Slobodan Markovic on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 00:08:52 +0100

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Syndicate: More on Koha Ditore

    Radio B-92 reported from Pristina that two days ago, during air-raid,
    a building where Koha Ditore was printed was hit and destroyed.

    Just to comment more on Geerts info on Koha:

    Even thou I cannot confirm guard of Koha's offices was shot, there 
    is *high* possibility it really happened, if he refused to let 
    police enter the building.

    Yugoslav government declared "state of war" in whole country on the 
    first day of NATO attack, and while it lasts, police and army have 
    much larger authorizations than before.

    That is also why many independent radio and TV stations in Serbia 
    were so easily banned last week (Radio B92 in Belgrade, Radio 021 in 
    Novi Sad, Soko TV in Soko Banja). I suspect also that almost all 
    Albanian newspapers were banned on Kosovo after start of NATO strikes.

    There is no way anyone can protest against these bannings because
    during "state of war" all public gatherings are strictly forbidden.
    I cannot imagine consequences of possible pro-B92 protests in
    Belgrade. Police brutality could be unimaginable... not to mention
    possible fast and SEVERE court verdicts in these cases.


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