marko peljhan on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 00:15:47 +0100

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Syndicate: open response to dejan sretenovic

dear sretenovic,
i have read and re-read your posting on war and peace, and must say i cannot
and should not agree with the views expressed.
your simplifications of dead politicians, after they accept something or not
are mere demagogy, leading nowhere and excusing a dictator, who is in power
for 12 years now.
you say that the serbian people excused him for his previous misbehaving
after the nato air strikes on military targets in yugoslavia have started.
have you?
you are talking about families in kragujevac that would face hunger? give us
a break, please. kragujevac and serbia are far from hunger now and you know
it! maybe you do not have gasoline and some problems with getting to the
nearest store, but that is still not hunger and when hunger arrives, the
same forces that are bombing your countries military installations and armed
forces now, will start dropping food aid. that seems to be the pattern.
BUT  kosovo definitely is not far from hunger, think of that!
your army and police, which are being attacked (you obviously and hopefully
are not and will not be) have killed many people in the past year in kosovo
and are stepping up in the past three months.  are you aware of this, or you
still believe this is western propaganda. where is veton? where is rugova?
where is radio21? where are mine, our friends now? dead maybe? for some of
them we already know the answer.
yes. some of them are dead.
where are the people who signed the agreement, that would basically give
kosovo back what it had in the 1974 constitution in yugoslavia, some sort of
autonomy and self determination and was taken away with the serbian
constitutional reforms in the beginning of the 90's. the constituency did
not protest then. the constituency agreed.
but the regime took away people's schools, education, culture. to almost 2
million people, that enjoyed all of that in the near past.  so, why is that
plan so bad? why sretenovic? because of the holy land? because of the blood
in the soil?
rather than criticising something that was already dead because your
government decided so long ago, think about your friends who were mobilised
into the serbian and yugoslav armies now, think about the people who will
have to fight for milosevic, as you clearly state, for him, almost
personnaly. thing of those who  being his only real opponents for such a
long time now do not have a chance even to live.  probably being sacrificed
in some stupid "yugo" barracks who we both probably know the looks and
architecture and really killed by a gbu or a tomahawk or whatever device
nato will use not to try to  hurt you? think of them and try to help them
evade this service. mobilise! organise! fight the fascism of your regime and
the army you are all a hostage of! fight your absolutely surrealist state
media! do not behave as if serb patriotism is everything you are left with
because of these strikes! do not make life simpler for yourself! what about
humanity? is patriotism larger than humanity? what about your friends, maybe
family, who are in the army and do not want to be there? it is time for
action and decision! why did you close your foundation and organisation in
protest of the strikes? go to work, now, now it is time to work! help
people! help people understand what is going on.  we will try do our share
but will you? we supported you in 1996-97? where is that dissent now? where
are the thousands of students? why nobody speaks for the mobilised?  why do
they rally behind the regime? do they identify with the regime now?  what
about the thousands of albanians that have nowhere to go? what about the
thousands of serbians who do not agree with this regime, that have nowhere
to go? what are you saying, that everybody is absolutely gone nuts there and
supports this fascist regime? well, if i am not wrong, mr. milosevic was
voted into power by his constituency that he later betrayed many times, or
maybe, as it seems now, did not? please enlighten me and the colleagues on
this list.
i know this is a lot of questions for one short mail, but i want to
understand, because obviously, or maybe, i do not.
again, i know, is speak from here, where there is no milosevic nor his
paramilitaries and police units....
but then again, you are there and you can still have concerts and we can see
people dance on the wreckage of a machine of, there are some
interesting details and contours here, which you might help us to
understand. nato started, but now it is your share of the job and yours is
the hardest!
stay safe and hope to hear from you soon.

marko peljhan