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>NATO Airstrikes Enter 6th Day
>By George Jahn, Associated Press Writer

>People forced across the border are being stripped of identity papers,
>even their car license plates, in an apparent effort to make it
>impossible for them to return. "It's almost as if their identities are
>being canceled out", NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said today

    Just one remark regarding personal ID papers... Most of ethnic Albanians
    who support hardcore Kosovo politicians, never acknowledged Serbian rule
    over Kosovo and never considered themselves as citizens of Serbia or
    Yugoslavia, but citizens of some non-existing Republic of Kosovo.
    They've been refusing Serbian personal ID cards, Yugoslav passports and
    other personal documents for more than 20 years in past. So, large
    number of them never had any kind of official personal ID papers.

>A 24-year-old refugee from the Suva Reka area of southern Kosovo told a
>reporter in Albania that when NATO airstrikes began, Serb police "came to
>our village and told us to go to America, go to NATO and they will help you

    This quote makes a lot of sense. Like I said before, massive police and
    military actions on Kosovo are direct consequence of NATO strikes. Just
    few weeks ago, there were only low scale police actions on Kosovo and
    army forces abstained largely from involvement.

    I think that Yugoslav minister of foreign affairs, Zivadin Jovanovic,
    confirmed few days ago on SKY that "Police and army forces are
    conducting large scale operations aimed to destroy Albanian armed
    rebelling on Kosovo".

    I'm deeply depressed with current situation on Kosovo. There is a blood
    shed happening in front of my eyes and, unfortunately, even if I had an
    idea what to do, it seems that now it's too late for everything. Every
    anti-anything (except NATO) protest in Serbia would be severely
    destroyed by (this time) armed police forces.

    There is only language of guns and violence in war.


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