scca on Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:29:34 +0100

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Syndicate: Re:syndicate: a thought from Sarajevo

dear Enes Zlatar
are you speaking in your own behalf or in a behalf of scca . If you spoke in your own behalf than
change identity in preferences of your browser (if you know how)

This is Enes Zlatar writing:

dear misterious hacker, who wrote this message addressed to me and from "scca sarajevo", my reply follows:

We in scca-Sarajevo all sign our messages (you did not sign yours). We also checked with our administrators, and they are sure that your message was not sent from the address, as you are trying to make it look.
Please identify yourself (if you know how).
And one more thing. It is not for sure your concern what address I use, on whose behalf I speak, etc.

Hoping to find out who you are,


Enes Zlatar