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December 97 vol 11 no 12


Editorial: Paul Brown, paul_brown@siggraph.org
In this the final month of 1997 the fineArt forum award for most notable art happening of the year goes to Vuk Cosic who, as reported below, mirrored the Documenta X web site just hours before it was due to be closed down. It's good to know that someone is awake out there! Congratulations.

From: keiko suzuki via FringeWare
Subject: Eastern European Hacker Steals Documenta X Web Site A Slovenian hacker Vuk Cosic, who calls himself a 'net.artist', is identifyed as the person behind the major international art theft that is creating waves of shock among surfers on the net, as well as in the art circles. What this young man did to create such a confusion is that he has created a complete copy of a web site of Documenta X, a major international art show held every five years in German village of Kassel. His gesture, announced only hours before the closing of the official web site of Documenta X, has by now not been denounced officialy as an infringement of material copyright, but it is surely suspicious when the "author" speaks of "net critique through positive engagement".
The stolen version is available at the following internet address:

Net.artists; Duchamp’s Ideal Children?

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Drawing
By Alison Louise Collier
School of Design Technology
The University of Huddersfield
jan 2001

"Slovenian bad-boy artist Vuk Cosic claimed the poached documenta site as his "readymade" and called Net.artists "Duchamp's ideal children"

It is Vuk Cosic's claim that Net.artists are 'Duchamp's ideal children' and his 'poaching' of the Documenta site claiming it as a Readymade that prompts the study of Duchamp's theories in relation to Net.art. However, it is unlikely that it was a serious attempt by Cosic at contextualising Net.art; in fact many Net.artists are actively antagonistic to the art establishment and what they term as the old media (i.e. newspapers and broadcasting). They are also actively antagonistic to being analysed in relation to the wider concerns of art history.


Vuk Cosic

One Artist One Art System
Once upon a time, in September of 1997, the web manifestation of the Documenta X was taken off the web by the management. So, I did the copy that is still the only publically available one. This action speaks loud enough. My next idea in this department is to articulate a grassroots artists initiative where as many as possible sets of complete works by net.artists would be toasted on DVDs and given away for web masters to make mirrors. At the same time, I am mutating into a career artist and the above project is impossible.