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Vuk Ćosić


Sandra Fauconnier
VUK COSIC - No Land's Man This fine artist - a cosmopolitan with balkanic roots - is well known for his challenging, ground-breaking work as a pioneer in the field of net.art. Cosic's constantly evolving oeuvre is characterized by an interesting mix of philosophical, political and conceptual network-related issues on the one hand, and an innovating feeling for contemporary urban and underground aesthetics on the other.
Last year he thoroughly astonished the art world by stealing the Documenta X website - next time he is said to be, most likely, a part of the show, considering the quick and extremely interesting evolution of his artistic career. Purchasing one of his works right now will undoubtedly prove an excellent investment within very few years.
The work entitled Metablink (www.vuk.org/metablink/metablon.php) is -unjustly- one of the less well known works in the artist's career. Unjustly, because Metablink is not only a milestone of the so-called abstract receptionist period in Cosic's oeuvre, but also a landmark in the evolution of the celebrated net.art group: Metablin' has had an obvious influence on later works by (among others) jodi, Valőry Grancher and Jeff Koons. Besides this, the work has exquisite aesthetic qualities in itself - through its well-balanced and tonifying color palette and its surprising and well-succeeded experimental modification of the html language, it provides an utmost viewing pleasure, a source of extraordinary interaction, shortly: a gem in your private or corporate digital collection.
(Sandra Fauconnier)
This work is now offered for 2000$
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Making Internet History Cahiers du Cinema

In regards to the emerging histories of internet based art practices, the best example of this naturalization process comes from the pages of the once champion of the critical avant-garde Artforum (www.artforum.com). Rachel Greene – a perfect example of the hybrid net art professional (former editor on the Rhizome.org site, university lecturer, art critic) – has penned a critical overview of the last ten years of net art. Entitled Web Work: A History of Internet Art, Greene begins her text with what might seem a simple account but what is in fact amounts to staking a partisan claim. When nominating the sole term for internet based activities, Net.Art, she not only gives an anecdote to its haphazard coinage but also laden it’s invention with thick layers of ideology. Attributed to Slovenian artist Vuk Cosic – an artist known for stretching the lo-fi computer language ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) into Java script animations of various subjects ranging from a history of art for the blind (http://www.ljudmila.org/~vuk/ascii/blind/) and a remake of a porn film, Deep Throat (http://www1.zkm.de/~wvdc/ascii/java/) – Greene continues to perpetuate the on-line myth that the term was the haphazard result of a mangled e-mail, that Cosic subsequently adopted and perpetuated its use amongst the internet artist community. While this account could be challenged for its veracity, it is much more interesting to note the heavy baggage that the term brings with it.