<nettime> is not only a mailing list, but an attempt to to formulate an international, networked discourse, that is either promoting the dominant euforia (in order to sell some product), nor to continue with the cynical pessimism, spread by journlalists and intellectuals working in the 'old' media, who can still make general statements without any deeper knowledge on the specific communication aspects of the so-called 'new' media. We intend to bring out books, readers and floppies and web sites in various languages, so that the 'immanent' net critique will not only circulate within the internet, but can also be read by people who are not on-line.

Inteview with Pit Schultz - Subject: 7 questions; What's Nettime - an introducton by Pit Schultz; Nettime: the legend and the myth - by Diana McCarty ; The we of nettime - by Pit Schultz.

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The nettime mailing list. Maybe you've already heard about, it's a kind of an unstable media, based on a social filter, (adress: nettime@desk.nl).

main issue at the moment: defining 'net criticism', which is certainly leading to many sub-issues depending on the contributions. We think it's an important task to expand the 'cyberculture' discourse to a cross-cultural one. By now the net is dominated by 'californian ideology' while it's becoming more and more a tool of 'power politics' of post-capitalism, like represented in the 'magna charta manifesto'.

important is the fact that most of the poeple on the list know each other from different meetings (the 'Medien ZKs') and other contexts. we try to not let the list grow too fast and trust in a certain 'social constistency' and a 'potlatch information economy'. There is already an international mixture of theorists, artists, activists, known or unknown names on this list.

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