From: "Ivo Skoric"
Organization: Anti-War Campaign
Date sent: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:58:14 +0000
Subject: Various Subjects
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Hi there,

I have never subscribed to this group. Yet suddenly I started receiving various (rather longish) postings on various subjects. I thought should I be offended with this (like certain decent guy Peter who asked you to unsubscribe him just recently). I noted that there is no much discussion, just apodictic postings. Apodictic in a sense that everybody writes what she or he wants, and everybody else takes it for undisputable truth (because nobody really have the net-time to read those long diatribes). This is the ultimate end of all communication: everybody has access, everybody has net-time, but nobody really cares any more. Communication that is killed by the most formiddable means of fostering it. That's of course why I completely enjoy the NetTime. Of course, I don't really read the postings (I don't want to betray the cause). But I created a filter that separates things that come from nettime from other crap and put them in a separate mail folder for future generations. Since postings are mostly futuristic I guess guys in about 40-50 years should have a lot of fun reading them (given they have net-time to do it). Furthermore, I decided to join with a story of my own (don't bother reading it, or if you do and say - "ah? that's it?! just two pages?!" - don't be offended, I promise I can clog any newsgroup with lengthy articles).

Ivo Skoric