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<nettime-ann> [sale] artists in residence

Beautiful Vallauris

Internationally famous for its ceramics,Picasso and famous artists.
Situated on the Côte d`Azur, ten minutes from Cannes and Antibes, 20
from Nice International Airport.
Ideal for artists, the residence is a historical townhouse in the old
town with
30m2 studio space on each floor.
All complete with facilities,Internet, TV, kitchen and fully furnished.
Our spacious ateliers were an ancient pottery with much charm, ideal for
painters, ceramists, sculptors and video-artists.
All is situated in the town centre near the local market,public
transports and
Check our web-site for more information  www.academy-of-arts.com

Yous sincerely
Professor Jürgen Waller
Director of the International Academy of Arts

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