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<nettime-ann> [event] Video Ireland Expo 1st / 2nd Nov 2005
Dave Archibold on Sun, 7 Aug 2005 18:09:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Video Ireland Expo 1st / 2nd Nov 2005

Limited Stand Space Book Now at www.videoireland.tv
Time Book Your Ticket Now at Videoireland.tv
November 1st - 2nd 2005

Time to book your ticket  now !!!!!!!!
Thanks for taking the time and the interest in Video Ireland.
Now is the time to book your ticket for Video Ireland.
The expo will have a complete line up of the latest equipment.
Camera technologies from Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon.
Lighting and grip equipment from Miller, Libec, Ianiro and IDX The
latest post production equipment and editing software. In addition
to the most comprehensive display of the latest technologies,
Visit www.videoireland.tv for free online
registration. or call the show hotline on 0870 243 0399
In association with showreel magazine

At last, a premier video
expo on the Emerald Isle ...
be sure to visit on November 1st - 2nd 2005
The Venue 
RDS Irish International Convention and Exhibition Centre is Ireland?s
premier venue for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trade and public
shows, entertainment and sporting events. Located in the very heart of
Dublin, no other exhibition venue offers such proximity to Ireland?s
capital city.
Parking is available on site for up to 2,000 vehicles.

Visit the exhibition and take time to take in the beauty of this
wonderful country. Explore and take in the atmosphere of Dublin
hospitality. There's no place like it !!! 

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