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Doug Henwood on Sun, 2 Oct 2005 12:26:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] new radio product

*  N O W   P O D C A S T I N G                                         *
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Just added to my radio archive

September 29, 2005 Kurt Davies, research director at Greenpeace, on 
climate change and the insurance industry's "response" * Larry 
Bartels, professor of political science at Princeton, on how the 
white working class isn't moving right, how social issues aren't 
getting it to vote against its economic interests, and how there may 
be nothing the matter with Kansas after all

it joins

September 22, 2005 George Galloway on postcolonial self-hatred and 
conspiracism (teaser from an interview to be broadcast in full on 
October 13) * Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, on the 
raunch culture * Richard Gott, author of Hugo Chavez and the 
Bolivarian Revolution, on where Chavez came from and what he's up to

September 8, 2005 Dan Lazare, author most recently of The Velvet 
Coup, on the Supreme Court and our dysfunctional "democracy" * 
Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bait and Switch, on the insecurities 
and indignities of the white-collar world

September 1, 2005 Heather Boushey on the latest Census numbers on 
income and poverty in 2004 (not so good), and the fate of women in 
the current economy (not so good either) * Tom Athanasiou, co-author 
of Dead Heat and a principal of EcoEquity, on Hurricane Katrina, 
climate change, and class

August 25, 2005 Seth Kleinman on the oil market * Jennifer Gordon, 
author of Suburban Sweatshops, on organizing immigrant workers on 
Long Island (rebroadcast of March 17, 2005, interview)

August 18, 2005 Barbara Ehrenreich on the state of organized labor * 
Iain Boal, one of the posse known as Retort that wrote Afflicted 
Powers: Capital & Spectacle in a New Age of War, on Iraq, 9/11, and 
the imperial conjuncture

August 11, 2005 David Roediger, author of the classic Wages of 
Whiteness discusses his latest, Working Towards Whiteness, the story 
of the whitening of "new immigrants" of the late 19th and early 20th 


Michael Eric Dyson on black class tensions * Chalmers Johnson on the 
U.S. empire * Jagdish Bhatwati on globalization * Bill Fletcher on 
war and peace * Slavoj Zizek on war, imperialism, and fantasy * Naomi 
Klein on Argentina and the global justice movement * Susie Bright on 
sex and politics * Matt Taibbi on covering the 2004 campaign, and the 
dismal state of American politics and media * Anatol Lieven on Iraq, 
Chechnya, US nationalism *
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