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oliverodomenico on Sun, 2 Oct 2005 12:31:50 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Nature continues

I am pleased t=
o invite you on Saturday, October 15 th 2005, at 2,30 pm to "
 naturali", an artistic happening. 

On the occasion of the Italian Nat=
ional Day of the Contemporary Art, October 15 th 2005, proposed by the
ACI (Associazione Musei Arte Contemporanea Italiana), the Fondazione
 Delfino will hold an artistic event - Continuit=E0 naturali - between
30 pm to 7,30 pm. 
The natural world, in all its fascinating aspects, ha=
s been chosen as the subject for this show. The works are about the
 world and some living entities. To this end, the artists, Alberto
i and Domenico Olivero will create an original artistic project
 to the vegetable kingdom while, in tandem, the theatrical group THEes
ll give a poetic reading on the theme of the animal world.

On request =
we will furnish you with photographic images. 

Technical notes: 
ela Giuggia and Paolo Sasia are two young curators who have promoted the
summer art exhibition Zooart in Cuneo for the last four years. 

ione Casa Delfino, situated in Corso Nizza 2 to Cuneo, is a new cultural
space that is beginning its activity by encouraging and to supporting
 cultural development on the Cuneese province. 

Alberto Trapani, an ar=
tist who has worked in conceptual art. Currently he is the promoter of a
particular project where wood, which was a part of his family=92s life
r generations, is being re-worded in his interpretation of its history
d present reality. 
For this cultural event he will present a series of =
works about the theme of the structures in the botanical forms and its
ansformation from the industrial culture. 

Domenico Olivero, an active artist in the field of the art relationships,
is proposing for this event, a sensory assemblage on the theme of trees
and the perception of all their forms. 

THEes association consists of a group of young artists that have realized
theatrical moments over many years, and environmental interventions in the
province of Cuneo. 

Technical data: 
Title: "Continuit=E0 naturali=94 (Nature continues =85). 
Place: Corso Nizza 2 - 12100 Cuneo (Italy)
Date: Saturday October 15 th 2005. 
Time: 2,30 pm to 7,30 pm 
Organization: Michela Giuggia and Paolo Sasia tel. +39 3396908997 / +39
3356920196 e-mails ph2oarte {AT} libero.it fax 0171699354 
Free entry.

Thanking you for your attention and I hope you will be a part of our
event. I remain, with best regards, Ornella Calvetti

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