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<nettime-ann> [event] BRUIT de BEYROUTH at De Melkweg
nat muller on Mon, 3 Oct 2005 10:52:57 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] BRUIT de BEYROUTH at De Melkweg


Date: Wed 19th October
Location: De Melkweg, Theaterzaal, Lijnbaansgracht 234 A, Amsterdam

Time: Performances: 20.30  - 22.30 hours
Entrance performances: 10,- ( 8,-)
Time: Panel: 16.00 - 18.00 hours (free)

Bookings: 020 =96 5318181
URL: www.melkweg.nl  (under media)

BRUIT de BEYROUTH invites you to sample the diversity of the Beiruti
experimental sound scene.

Music has always played an important role within the Lebanese psyche
artists such as Fairuz and her son composer/playwright Ziad Rahbani
have become iconical carriers of national identity for Lebanese in
Lebanon or in the diaspora. Mixing folklore with politics or 
nostalgia, even during the 15 years of civil strife music accompanied
Lebanese, and has been a significant part of cultural
identity. Post-war Beirut as a city is now recovering  also
- from the devastations and horrors of civil war. A new generation of
musicians, who have all grown up during the war, is now coming of age
and experimenting with electronics and free improvisation. Firmly
rooted within the hustle and bustle of contemporary Beirut, their music
is fresh, attempts to rid itself from the burden and the luggage of the
past, and tries to look ahead: from the electronic manipulations and
drones of the Kitano Home Ensemble and Discipline, to the fragile
vocals of Mayaline Hage and the improv of Mazen Kerbaj.
PROGRAM: Wed 19th October

BRUIT de BEYROUTH: performance
20.30 - 22.30 hours, entrance: =80 10
Discipline (laptop) & Mayalina Hage (vocals)
Kitano Home Ensemble(Marc Codsi: laptop | Charbel Haber: laptop)
A (Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet | Raed Yassin: double bass)
Tarek Atoui (laptop)

16.00 =96 18.00 hours, entrance: free
Participants: : Mazen Kerbaj (LB), Charbel Haber (LB), Joseph Ghos
(LB/FR), Thomas Burkhalter (CH)
Moderation:Nat Muller (NL)

Discipline: http://www.bureaurecords.com/Menu%20Discipline/menu.htm
Those Kids Must Choke: http://www.thosekidsmustchoke.com/
Mazen Kerbaj: http://www.kerbaj.com/	and=20
Tarek Atoui: http://ilizboual.free.fr/pweb/asa.html
Thomas Burkhalter: http:// www.norient.com


BRUIT de BEYROUTH is part of Xeno_Sonic: Experimental Music Mapping 
the Middle East, a project and initiative of Nat Muller in
collaboration with De Melkweg.

BRUIT de BEYROUTH is kindly supported by VSBfonds, Mondriaanfonds,
Fonds voor Amateur en Podiumkunsten,Institut francais des Pays-Bas -
Maison Descartes, Fonds voor Podium-Programmering & Marketing,
STEIM. The research phase of Xeno_Sonic was supported by The
Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Editor note
For more information, visual material or interviews, contact:
Publiciteit Melkweg: Esther Lagendijk | tel: 020-5318167 | fax:=20
020-5318118 | esther {AT} melkweg.nl

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